Louise Dubois

Interim Director HSE, Optus

I am a results driven Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Wellbeing Professional with extensive experience in multinational organisations. I have developed a strong reputation for delivering strategic solutions in Safety, Workers Compensation and Wellbeing that have resulted in increased employee engagement and productivity. I do this by analysing the trends and documenting the cause and effect of issues faced by customers and internal stakeholders. This analysis allows me to collaborate with stakeholders to define innovative yet realistic strategic plans and bespoke initiatives to overcome organisational problems.

I have been actively delivering results in the area of organisational health, safety and workers compensation for over 20 years. My international experience includes; management of teams, implementation of programs and worker compensation premium negotiations in Canada, Central America, Asia and Australia.

My portfolio of work includes retail, transport, mining, and manufacturing companies. I have worked in consultancy and corporate environments, employing traditional and non-traditional delivery of HSE methodologies. This experience coupled with my passion for what I do, has resulted in me being invited as a keynote speaker at several national HSE and wellbeing conferences.

I am motivated by being able to make a positive impact on the day-to-day happenings in people’s lives, however great or small that impact may be. My vision is to create a future whereby being healthy and practicing healthy management style is embedded in the culture.