Sara Pazell 

Human Factors & Ergonomics / Work Analyst & Designer BAppSci(OT), MBA, PhD, CPE,APAC Manager , Humanscale Consulting

Sara Pazell is a work analyst and designer who advises in methods to provide for the best possible human-centred work conditions or user experience. Sara is a specialist in human factors and ergonomics. Her Ph.D. research thesis was “Good work design: Strategies to embed human-centred design in organisations”. Sara is a certified professional ergonomist with blended business, health care clinical, teaching, and exercise science education and practice. She is the Asia Pacific Managing Consultant for Humanscale, the managing director of her own niche consulting practice, Viva! Health at Work and represents software systems that advance good work design. Sara serves on the specialist advisory panel for the Wellness Wise Practitioner training program, Australia’s only certification program for workplace wellness. Also, Sara is a sessional academic at three Australian universities providing teaching support in areas of human-centred design, human factors & ergonomics, business management, and occupational therapy